Monday, February 27, 2006

Greinke peaces out

Here, first, is the story, which will probably win a Pulitzer for least details in a front page article: Greinke departs Royals.
Now, I've only heard speculation (it seems like speculation is all I hear now these days...huh), but rumor has it that the Royals reluctant savior RHP Zack Greinke has had it with the Royals organization and wants to be cut or traded (source: my pal Dylan). Now, I'm sure Zack knows he signed something called a contract, and the Royals would much rather have him sit on his ass than face them while on the mound for the Yankees. If this demand is to be taken as fact (still a long way from this stage), his trade value sinks even lower than his stellar 5-17, mid-5 ERA '05 campaign would command. Zack, calm down, kiddo. In the eyes of Royals fans, you don't even have to be the franchise savior anymore! Just a franchise cornerstone! All of this savior stuff has been passed to Alex Gordon quicker than you can say Emil Brown (congrats on your recent arbitration win, Emmy). Speaking of Mr. Gordon, who I hear is quite unhappy with his status as a Kansas City Royal, is ranked 13th on Baseball America's list of the top 100 prospects.
This organization has some serious administration issues--when Allard Baird eventually loses the reigns, we will probably hand the franchise over to Isiah Thomas, who has done a lovely job taking one of the world's most well-known franchises and making it look like a scrap yard, not a competitive basketball team. Do you seriously think that Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Jamal Crawford, and Nate Robinson can all occupy the same backcourt? Hell, don't they all play the same position? I digress.
The Royals have picked up a W or two in Spring Training so far, but we've got some issues, people. *SHOCKING NEWS*Affeldt couldn't locate his pitches, a no doubt stunner to all Royals fans. I think Runelvys is pregnant, or at least has put 60 pounds of sympathy weight on (sympathy for what?). Scott Elarton, scheduled to pitch today, is ancient. Yesterday, Buddy Bell, managing virtuoso, put Doug Mientkiewicz at DH--DH? What is going on here?! People, I have no answer.
Zack, come home.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

World's Greatest Battery Reports/Season Preview

Over the weekend, pitchers and catchers reported to minor league hotspots around the country, and this of course include several Cooperstown hopefuls taking the form of Kansas City Royals. From what I ascertained on Channel 9 News tonight, Runelvys has gained 50 pounds, Zack Greinke still looks 15, and John Buck is poised to get rolling for another no-doubt thrilling season behind the plate, with new battery-mates Scott Elarton, Mark Redman. Also, returning pitchers like Mike MacDougal and arbitration-losing Jeremy Affeldt (did removing the nail from his pitching hand really do anything for him? Well, guess not) will try their hand and the old craft. Reggie Sanders, who has played everwhere, including a stop with the four-time Cretacious Period champs the Blue Dactyls, now is serving in the K's gloriously green (real grass since '94!) outfield, coveting the challenge of growing to a championship level Royals outfielders have honed in the last few years, including a sparkling year-end gem of a play between Terrence Long (looking for a contract) and Chip Ambres (who was a throw-in the the blockbuster Graffanino deal). Ah, I'm sorry Chip, you hustle hard, and I like you.
Besides the longest double-play combination in announcing history (Grundzeilanek, to his right, scoops, tags, and rifles to Mientkiewicz for the double play, and into the history books, for most consonants in a box score! Royals head to the top of the third, down 11-3), the Royals have added Esteban German (Rule 5 draft), backup catcher Paul Bako, Joe Mays, and journeyman rubber arm Elmer Dessens to one of the craziest gaggles of dudes in baseball history. I have a feeling chemistry won't be an issue, as most Royals players are not the type who often enjoy long major league tenures and the familiarness of the same locker year in and year out. But maybe they can crank a few doubles in the gap, cut back on errors in the infield, and lift Jimmy Gobble's strikeout ratio to sub-average major league levels. If he makes the team.
I don't mean to be hard on these guys, but after two consecutive 100 loss campaigns, I deserve to harbor a little bitter taste on my tongue. I love the Royals, compadre. I loved Beltran. I loved Jermaine Dye, and how Johnny Damon used to hustle around the bases. They just cut loose. I love Greinke, although his indifference has hurt him a little. Emil Brown works hard. Mike Sweeney (when healthy) is a good hitter, a clutch hitter even, but $11 mil is too much for a DH. Matt Stairs is one of the sweetest blue-collar outfielders ever. I go to a lot of home games. I listen on the radio when they are out of town. I read, although I think he is a huge pessimist, even though I like how he's a KU grad (go 'Hawks, once again).
With Spring comes great changes. Boys realize why they are boys, girls take advantage of this fact, flowers bloom, walking around the Plaza is a lot more temperate, and Bullwinkle's in Lawrence is in full swing. The boys in blue will try to resurrect some feelings of why Kansas Citians used to love baseball in the first place (we had the best Negro League team, Satchel Paige is buried here, George Brett, BBQ). I hope they can, and if they don't, I'll be along for the ride anyways.

Greetings from the Editor

As my first post, I realize it is customary to release a mission statement about my blog. Now, I know there might not be a lot of subscribers to a blog written by a 19-year-old lifelong Royals fan about his beloved sub-.400 baseball team, but that's ok. That's not what it's about. It's about me, predicting things, analyzing things, criticizing things, and reveling in my own sense of self-righteousness. It's freedom of the press at its best, baby!
I realize I have never really done a blog, nonetheless a blog about a baseball team trying to find its way in a world of tycoons, scouts, cranky vets, cranky juiced vets, cranky juiced would-be record-setting vets, cranky juiced would-be record-setting lethargic left fielders with over 600 homers, and even other players and aspects of America's pastime. But mostly, I will focus on the Kansas City Royals, the team trying to make some noise in a football and KU basketball dominated region (although I love those 'Hawks).
In this blog, I will bring you news, speculation, hesitation, and eventually resignation as the Royals season progresses. Hopefully, Kauffman's left field will be waving a new pendant, or at least another humongous beer banner ($$$$$). Yay, America.