Friday, March 31, 2006

Opening Day Monday; Emil Brown on YouTube (finally)

Yes, yes, yes. It is what all of my loyals readers have been waiting for since the Royals closed out their season last October. It's not spring if the bees aren't buzzing, the birds aren't singing, and the Royals are naming a questionable starter for the opener.
2005--Jose Lima (?!!?!)
2004--This season sucked. Forgive me for forgetting. Maybe it was Runelvys.
2003--Runelvys Hernandez
2002--Jeff Suppan
Wow, those are some sure fine thoroughbreds. This year, we are putting Scott Elarton out there, who has successfully pieced together one successful season over his MLB career. Oh, boy.

Corban's Projected Lineup
1. 9 CF David DeJesus
2. 15 2B Mark Grunzielanek
3. 35 RF Emil Brown
4. 16 LF Reggie Sanders
5. 12 DH Matt Stairs (Sweeney will be out)
6. 11 1B Doug Mientkiewicz
7. 4 SS Angel Berroa
8. 24 3B Mark Teahen (placeholder for Alex Gordon)
9. 2 C John Buck
37 SP Scott Elarton

Hopefully, the lineup will look something like this. Angel could possibly be higher; but he is more successful hitting late in the lineup. If Sanders can stay healthy, the cleanup spot is his, but I could see Emil Brown hitting there too. For video of Emil Brown clobbering a Grand Slam during Spring Training?! HERE!

Yeah, I know the video is poor, poor quality.

Have a good weekend, amigos. Go Royals.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Aaron Guiel is Cut

You really don't have to go far back into the archives to see who I thought should be the Royals' fourth outfielder--the experienced and solid Aaron Guiel. But alas, Mr. Baird has cut Guiel, no doubt leaving the nation of Canada in mourning today.
Obviously, as Mr. Flanagan and his ginormous mug shot point out, the Royals have obviously gone back to the playbook, letting younger and less experienced players try to find themselves in the majors at the toll of more experienced, more suitable players hitting .380 in Omaha with 30 homers (Guiel). Whatever. If this team can win 75 games, I will be ecstatic. Does ecstasty come with a sub-.500 record? For this team, it does.

--Tony Graffanino (age 33) is back with the Royals. Why would the Red Sox give him up? He only single-handedly blew Game 2 of the ALDS, on the way to getting swept my the freaking White Sox. The White Sox! I hate them so much.
--Zack Greinke is making progress, but is probably looking at four weeks of working out before even thinking about making the active roster. Story here.
--That South Park where Stan's dad gets in a fight at every one of Stan's baseball games? Right here my friends.

And on a final note, I apologize for my absence lately. I mean to update this site as much as possible, but recently, that hasn't happened. I was launched into depression after I traveled to Detroit to see the Jayhawks get embarassed by the Bradley Braves. This period of despair usually lasts from the point that the Jayhawks get eliminated until Opening Day. The last two years, this time has been like two freaking weeks, as opposed to three or four years ago when they would get eliminated and Opening Day would be the very next Monday. Sigh.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Maybe not. But today, Mr. Gordon graced the front page of the KC Star sports section, with a pretty typical Bob Dutton article to accompany it. So, if you have a lick of talent, and get drafted by the Royals, what's the over/under for how many days it takes you to get on the front page of the sports section? I'd say about 20 days.
Alex Gordon can play a bevy of positions, and I have no problem drafting him at 3B even with Teahen on board. Gordon seems to want to play wherever we'll put him, as long as it accelerates his path to the Majors. The problem is, we have a virtual team built of first basemen, with Mike Sweeney, Doug Mientkiewicz (I finally spelled it without looking it up), prospect baseball killer Billy Butler, Texas League Batting Champ (and native Australian) Justin Huber, and now Gordon. I saw we see how Gordon does in Wichita (my prediction: he'll kill the ball) and wait until Baird is forced to move him to AAA, and hopefully not straight to the majors. We should take our time with this young farmhand, but not take time just for the sake of taking time, while Gordon waits tensely in the wings.
I can't wait till April. The Royals always do this to me. I know I shouldn't be excited. But I am. And can you tell these two faces that there is no hope left? Try it. I dare you.
Until next time. I am off to Detroit, to root on ol' KU. Rock Chalk in Detroit Hawk City, baby.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


So the Angels, powered by a good day from Cuban defector Kendry Morales, stormed to a stunning, cataclysmic victory over the Kansas City Royals. My prediction for this year's starting rotation:
1. Scott Elarton (this is for sure)
2. Runelvys Hernandez (resembling fat Elvis, rather than skinny: I guess this is inevitable)
3. Joe Mays (eep)
4. Mike Wood (he has pitched well, probably deserves a shot in this shoddy rotation)
5. Denny Bautista (huge upside, zero durability)

And there it is. Is our #1 guy better than the White Sox #5 guy? Nope. Well it's good they're not in our division.
Wait, they are in our division?
The White Sox?

Alex Gordon is still a beast (2-3 today, BB, R). I can't wait till we call him up 3, 4 years early, ravage his confidence, tell him he's not part of our Opening Day Roster, have him flip out, return to his small town home and mope with his parents, perhaps later seek counseling. This is a pretty regular major league cycle, yes? At least we haven't seen this happen before.
Throw more fastballs, dammit!

I'm out like Ken Harvey at the receiving end of a high heater.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canada 8, USA 6

--Team Canada has two Royals players, while the US carries no Royals...I don't think we can simply chalk this one up to coincidence. And Team Canada won by...two runs!
--If Aaron Guiel doesn't make the roster as the fourth outfielder, I have lost any shred of faith I have in the management. This guy can be a good, productive player, and hell, I'd even find ways to get him in there every day.
--Dude, so is Barry Bonds gonna die soon? If that SI article is true, that man's got a lot of chemicals in him, and like zero naturally produced testosterone. Amazing.
Until next time.