Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Number 27. Great.

Runelvys Runelvys Runelvys

After he gave up that first single and the wild pitch, I thought we were in for a long one. But he got it together. Buddy gave a pretty stirring (read: boring) pre-game interview where we wasn't exactly giving Runelvys a vote of confidence, but we finally executed on offense and got the job done. Good win.

Elvys Still Fat, but Looks Great!

7 innings pitche, 2 hits, 1 run (morneau bomb), no walks. yes, you heard it hear first folks, no walks. none, zero, nadda. Wow, this is the best news of the year so far. Back to back great starts from our starting pitchers. Runelvys came up from Omaha (where he was getting shelled with a 10+ ERA and 10 walks in 14 innings) and completely shuts down the twins. No, not those twins, the Minnesota Twins. While the twinkies don't have the most potent offense in major league baseball, Royals fans can come away feeling pretty fantastic about this one. Hopefully, Redman can help us take the series win over Twins ace Johan Santana (who is yet to record a win for my fantasy team i might add!). See you at the K tommorow. Game time 1:10.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thank You Corb

I'm glad I'm not going crazy. i was going to ask you to comment on that as well. Luke Hudson? Does Buddy want us to lose 130 games? First game of series = most important. Sisco would have been a better option, but the real solution was to bring in Burgos in the eigth. He clearly was available for more than one inning as he was brought in to close out the eigth, so why not go with your best option in the pen to give your team the best shot at winning the game? I feel horrible for Scott Elarton; I hope the whole season isn't like this for that poor bastard. Good God, I want to die right now!

Stupid Managing

So Elarton pitches seven great innings, and the Royals are leading 1-0. Which pitcher do you call on the finish the deal?
Burgos? Sisco? Elmer Dessens?
Tonight Buddy gave the ball to Luke Hudson, who immediately relinquished the lead (and a three-hopped Emil Brown throw to the plate didn't help).
This is so frustrating.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I have to lay this out there.... This is my emotional timeline regarding Angel Berroa :

2002: See Angel for first time as a late call up. Steals a base, makes a phenomenal play at short.
Emotion: Curious/Optimistic

Early 2003: Angel banging the ball (among other things i'm sure), playing great short stop, and bringing antics to the club.
Emotion: Blissful/Ecstatic/Hopeful

Late 2003: Avg. falls a little, some errors made, team slips out of contension.
Emotion: Still Optimistic/Slightly Frustrated

2004: Horrid year. i drafted him for my fantasy team. nuff said.
Emotion: Slight Anger/Beginning signs of rage

2005: Another bad year, swings at everything, can't make a play. terrible.
Emotion: Raw Hatred/Loathesome

Early 2006: Some errors, better plate appearances, spectacular plays, no SBs.
Emotion: Still mad but coming around.

I don't know what to make of this guy. One minute he's great, the next minute I can't wait for prospect SS Andres Blanco to figure out how to hit.

But, we won the series, and let's see if the occasional wins keep on coming.

And C: let's give Scotty E a little credit here, he's got a 4.07 ERA.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Despite this picture making him look like a baffoon (doesn't it look like the ball is behind him?), Angel was one of the heroes today, going 4-4 , scoring a couple of runs. The production came from the bottom of the order, where the 6-9 hitters pounded nine hits.

Esteban German continues to play well despite little playing time and being forced to play out of his natural position...but he was fine in center today and has been solid at third...and his solid play is another reason to get rid of Tony Graffanino--although Graf had 2 RBIs and three hits.

Jeremy Affeldt, whom I should've mentioned early, really had great command and only allow 4 hits and one run, a Ronnie Belliard solo shot in the second. Affeldt also struck out six.

T-shirt Tuesday coming up, and I can get my hands on some free Royals merchandise. I know the elite teams don't have to have promotions every week...but they just whine about it because they are jealous for all the free crap I get.

Next Game:
Twins vs. Royals, Lohse (1-1, 11.57) vs. Elarton (0-4, 4.71)

11 Runs, 11 Dogs, and One Angry Colon

So, at tonight's Royals game (a Dodge Buck Night, where peanuts, dogs, and small drinks are $1), I told my rushee that I would eat a dog for every run the Royals scored. Eleven dogs later, my intestines feel bloated from all the synthetic meat that they are struggling to process and allot to the correct places. Needless to say, I am no machine like this guy.
Royals get 11 runs, but only 11 no donuts, leaving fans with a slightly bitter taste, as compared to the glucosey taste of a dozen glazed Krispy Kremes. Mmmm mmm.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Royals Lose 6-5; Allard takes the heat

The Royals lose, despite hitting four sac flies--and a double by Angel Berroa started the rally. Sweeney pounded what appeared to be two homers--the first being a double that he TOTALLY was watching instead of traversing the basepaths, and another one that was taken back into the field (but not caught) on a fantastic defensive play by Indians LF Jason Michaels (who we should've acquired in the offseason). Bummer.
I had a friend call me mid-game to wish me happy birthday, and he told me Allard Baird had been fired. So a quick scour of the internet the second I came back to the house showed that he had not been fired, but he had a pretty tense press conference where he had to answer a lot of tough questions.
I dunno, but we have to cut Tony Graffanino. We're paying him a lot, he extended the inning in the top of the seventh which led to the Jhonny Peralta death blow, a 3-run double. He's taking at bats from Huber, bottom line.
All in all, we cooked out and I had a very American birthday--grill, baseball, fireworks, The Wheel in Lawrence, KS. But I'll be at the game again tonight for the ol' Beta rush party.

Tonight: Royals vs. Indians, Mays vs. Byrd, 6:10

The Good, The Bad, and John Buck's First Strike Out (The Ugly)

If we can get our starters to pitch six or seven innings and only give up three runs by throwing 83-4 mph gas, then I think we've got a chance at winning some ball games. Mark Redmond did just that in a no decision Royals loss (6-5) on the glorious day of April 21st (Gobies B-day!). The Royals did end up with 14 hits in the game issuing free doughnuts to a surely already way overweight crowd. A club record was set with 4 sac flys, and what a record it is. Of course, the steady man in the bullpen, Elmer Dessens, came away with the loss after a predictable three-run double following a missed third out at first base by Graff. The Royals threatened in the ninth but left the crowd empty handed, assuming each fan had already eaten their dozen doughnuts. Some encouragement was issued by seeing some "down on the farm" numbers. Justin Huber is killing the ball in triple a omaha and JP Howell and Kyle Snyder are pitching great (with minimal walks). So good things are on their way for the Royals, just like they have been for the last five years.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Royals 2nite; World celebrates my birthday

Yeah, that's right. It's my birthday. And how else would I celebrate besides seeing a Mike Redman no-no tonight at the K (click here to download the sound of me knocking on wood just now) with some friends and a BBQ grill. The big 2-0. It's a celebration!

Sorry for the rather irrelevant picture from my Spring Break in London last year. Sweet Rooney jersey--cuz he like visits brothels and stuff (and plays soccer on the side)

Tonight: Royals vs. Indians
Redman vs. Lee

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Improvements Vow

This little blog has taken off a lot more than I had expected. I realize the site has been going pretty good lately, but I'd like to make a lists of improvements for the website to let all of these ravenous, devoted fans know that I'm gonna try to upgrade a little.
The List:
--Over the summer, I will be able to use the Dreamweaver program, allowing me to customize the site a little more, although the template has been awesome so far. Props.
--However, I will have a lot less time to work on the site, as I am being thrust into the corporate world due to my Sprint Internship. So I plan to add a few more good writers to whine about the Royals--because we all know what's coming, people.
--More substance! More pictures, more stories, more links, and more use of relevant literary metaphors for the intellects. And if you have any other requests, please forward them to Thanks.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10 game skid and Glass info

Well, i first heard this money issue on 810 but here is an article written in january that touches on it. We suck, bye.

Zack is Back

He's back, but it would appear he is still crazy.

"The problem I have isn't going to just bother me if I play baseball," he said. "It's gonna bother me no matter what I'm doing. That's one thing I realized when I left and started talking to some people. I realized that it's not just at the baseball field that it's like this. Whatever I do in life, it's gonna bother me."--KC Star

This dude is nuts.

Streak at ten after near no-hitter

Vasquez carries no-hitter into seventh. Then Mientkiewicz tapped an infield hit. Royals lose 4-0 with three hits. Ten in a row.

The Royals aren't just good at losing--they're the best. Nobody can stop this team from losing. Nobody. Not only have they regressed, but they are gonna give the 2003 Tigers a big run for their money.

That's all for now. This is gonna get real ugly.

Next Game: April 21 vs. Cleveland Indians. Happy Birthday to me.

Glass debate

Not like the money was spent all that well. Nobody wanted Grundzielanek, Sanders, while solid, is an injury waiting to happen, Elarton was average as the Indians fifth starter (they didn't make the playoffs), and Mientkiewicz is only there to keep the inflation rate low on Berroa/Teahen errors. And man, those guys have made some errant throws in the games I have seen.
Other guys were available, such as Jason Michaels and Paul Byrd, who simply wouldn't come here because he knows we can't win. Not that these are great options anyway. Bottom Line?

DEVELOP YOUR OWN TALENT. Mientkiewicz is not the answer; he's only taking ABs away from Justin Huber. More to come...

P.S. tuckcity, I would like to see the source on your last post. I am not doubting you, I just would like to read it. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Stuff on Glass

I've recently learned that Glass actually has about 54 million of revenue and such to spend. This means that the Royals 47 million dolar payroll is 7 million short of Glass's avaliable funds that don't even come out of his pocket! Where is that money going? Well, apparently MLB and the player's union are asking the same questions.... more anger to come.

Simple Post:

What good is Angel Berroa to this baseball team? Error machine, Strikeout machine, Frustration Generating Machine. Grrrrr......

Two and eleven

On the Wikipedia for David Glass:

"During the Major League Baseball strike of 1994-1995, Glass, who was not yet owner of the Royals but chairman of the board administering the team after Ewing Kauffman's death, was one of the most forceful voices in opposing a settlement with the player's union, and supporting the use of "replacement" players, despite a court ruling that Major League owners were in violation of Federal labor laws."

Awesome. What was he even CEO of, Wal-mart?

Never even heard of it.


New low point

The Royals have been nominated for ESPN's worst franchise, because the LA Clippers are going to make the playoffs. This is just painful to read...but they might be right.

From the article:
"General manager Allard Baird has managed to do the impossible: He's made his predecessor, Herk Robinson, look like Branch Rickey."



Get your credit card out.

The Problem

The thing about Baird was that he was from within the Royals organization--as a scout, he was responsible for the signing of Johnny Damon, Carlos Febles, and Carlos Beltran. Of course, Glass got the cheapest alternative. He expected that maybe Baird would be well-suited for the job because he was responsible for a lot of the players in the system. The problem with Baird? He doesn't think like a GM.
Glass gives him money, and he spends it on veterans--an ok thing to do, but he picked the wrong guys. The money could be better spent offering contracts to people coming off of their original contracts, young pitchers in the systems of teams with stacked rotations who could get a good shot at playing time. And trust me, there are a lot of guys more worthy to start than Jimmy Gobble and Joe Mays. Baird does not think about value for his players, just getting guys into camp hoping to compete. There is a huge pool of players, and a lot of bargains.
Youth movements are only effective when the young players are talented--just watch the Marlins begin to gel as the years go on, and if not this year, the next. They have young talent, guys who project as solid major leaguers. We have a lot of question marks (Buck, Teahen), guys that were never David Wrights or Mark Teixeiras. But we'll see, I guess.
Lets go Jeremy.

The Problem (Well, one of many at least)

Here is the problem with the Kansas City Royals: ownership. David Glass is the root of all of the Royal's struggles. Sure, a lot of the heat falls onto the shoulders of Allard Baird, which it should, but we need to look to the man who pays for all of this, "this" including senor baird.
On a side note, if the Royals insist on having a manager named Baird, then i nominate Adam Baird, the lovable Shawnee Mission East graduate who i've heard has some sort of managerial experience. Maybe i'm thinking of Max Wasserstrom the realitor. I'm done.

Back to the ownership issue.... When Allard is fired at the end of the season, which he certainly will be, who do you think is in charge of hiring the new one? Mr. Glass. The Royals staff has been built upon by doing everything by the book. When Baird was hired, fans and other owners thought Glass was thinking outside the box by bringing in this new hot shot GM who is going to bring new creative ideas to the organization. But look what we have, a team that is trying to compete by doing everything by the book. In a small market it is impossible to compete among other large market teams that are also playing ball like it is "supposed to be played". The Royals need to do things like using relief pitchers when they are hot instead of by when they are penciled in the schedule. For example, in the first game of the Yankees series, Elmer Dessens shut down the Bronx Bombers for a couple of innings. Instead of going with the hot hand in Dessens, 6'10" Andy Sisco was brought in as the set up man. He promptly threw the game away. The reason for Sisco coming in was a fear of hurting his self-worth with the team by leaving the red-hot elmer in. While the Royals do need to be careful with their limited young talent, there comes a point where it needs to be about winning ball games so more than 33 people go to see them play in August. This "by the book" mentality carried by the Royals staff needs to go. Another 50 million would be nice too!

P.S. Let's see if Affeldt can pick this team up and act as a stopper. I'm hoping for four or less runs in 6 innings.

The Future

Whoa, Alex, easy on the gusto. See you in September.


Two baserunners? Two?! And one of them was John Buck. And he walked. Then he tried to steal second and was wiped out.

This team sucks.

But at least Steve Stemle is gone, right?

I mean, Jose Contreras is good and all, but isn't he like their fourth starter? He was pretty hittable in New York, good stuff but bad location at times. AHHHHHHHH! Am I the craziest person in America to be blogging the KANSAS CITY ROYALS?!

Joe Mays on the game: "I missed a couple of balls up in the zone to Konerko and Crede," Mays said, "and neither one missed it." I saw Mays on the news last week, and he said he felt the starters had been good so far, including himself in that group. At least he's confident.

But I did find a team worth watching. Man, this is pathetic that I have to do this. Thanks again, Allard.

Monday, April 17, 2006

This is so frustrating

Ok, so yesterday, I was wondering why Steve Stemle wasn't sent down yesterday to make room for Mike Redman. Here's why.
When you read this article, you will discover that to make room for Redman, the Royals sent Denny Bautista to the DL, so he misses two starts for his pectoral soreness instead of one. Why, why, why?
Bautista is probably our best pitcher so far this season. He intimidates, something no one else on the staff can manage. He has a minor injury, and we are totally being way too precautious. Denny said it best, "I don't know why they're doing this."
This is terrible. I know it seems insignificant, but this is one of Baird's dumbest moves, one that could cost us a couple games.
This is so frustrating.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rays 9, Royals 5: Happy Easter/Non-Denominational Resurrection Day!

Swept by the Yankees, not a huge deal--still sucks. Swept by the Rays who stared Seth McClung and spot-starter Jason Hummel on two straight days? Hurts bad. Hurts real bad.
I have no idea why Steve Stemle keeps being the first guy out of the pen in situations where he needs to hold. Is Affeldt not available today? This is the biggest problem with yanking Mike Wood out of the bullpen. Wood can be effective for the first few innings--especially with all that dropping stuff, thus making him a great bullpen guy. The more innings, the more he fatigues, and the results are a lot worse.
Mike Redman, despite his velocity being in the low 80s (???!!!!!!!), was ok today. I was really worried when Gomes and Hollins hit those huge bombs off of him, but he settled down, or the D-Rays just suck, I don't know the difference anymore.
Steve Stemle is terrible. How did he not get sent down?! He's the worst guy in the pen, and the last guy to make the team.
When Buddy Bell yanks a guy, he doesn't look pissed. I hate this attitude. Laid-back managers are fine, but not managers who treat you like pawn pieces with limited ability, thinking "if he didn't get it done, maybe he never was going to." I don't think this is the case. Steve Stemle bites, but there is no fire underneath him, either.
Aaarrgghhhhh. I wanna win sooooo bad.

Next: Monday 7:05 vs. White Sox
Joe Mays vs. Jose Contreras

*as of July

Saturday, April 15, 2006

D-Rays 7, Royals 2

Looked good there for a while, didn't it? Elarton pitched well, but the thing I will remember is that through the wickets triple Carl Crawford hit in the eight. That stings.
Jorge Cantu is so ugly. I'd say he could be one of the uglier guys going right now.
I really don't want to talk about this game right now, as the Saturday night spectacle has already begun. RSTN, NOW!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Series Afterthoughts

Yeah, I can only agree with Tuckcity that Jimmy Gobble really stunk today. I mean, he is out of options, because he apparently wouldn't clear waivers if we put him there...but he's not good enough to get major league hitters out. I know he has a good track record in the minors, but he's one of those guys whose talent does not translate to the highest level. Average velocity, no major quality other pitches...that doesn't get you too far.
I thought Bautista pitched well. He gave up four runs, primarily during a string where the Yankees hit four soft singles. Still, I think he is growing more confident--only one walk today! That should be underlined. He made some guys look like idiots. Johnny Damon's first at-bat today? Absolutely blown past, 100 mph third strike. And to think, I used to ROOT for that guy.
The lineup today was pathetic. Angel as a 5 hitter, Tony Graffanino as DH. Wow. Graf did homer though, so props to him, but still, this lineup didn't pack much of a punch. We just gave them the sweep. This could be a long year. Fourteenth straight loss at Yankee Stadium, and 2-22 since 2000.

Next up: vs. Tampa Bay, 6:15 on RSTN

Final: Yankees 9, Royals 3: Sweep City

Well, despite Denny B giving up 4 runs (which was plenty), he really pitched ok. He got a bunch of ks, and for the most part, threw strikes. the Yankees did not hit bombs all over the place, although Shef did squeak one over the short porch in right. 4 soft singles and a walk and three runs were in in the second. The big unit shut down a pathetic Royals line-up with Angel Berroa in the five spot. Wow. Read the last sentence again. Ok, well at least Angel did his job going 1-4 with a k or two. The real excitement game in the bottom of the eigth when Corban's cousin, Jimmy Gobble, entered the game. Consistently one of the worst pitchers in baseball over the last couple of seasons, Gobble didn't let us down by holding the Yanks to only five eigth inning runs. Corban, I appreciate your point with Affeldt but Baird really fucked up with Jimmy Gobble. Pretty similar to Affeldt with less velocity and weaker curve spells disaster, and brings up memories of a certain Albie Lopez. Hopefully Gobble will flourish with his new turkey calling carreer. He has to be good at turkey calling, doesn't he? Ok, that was lame, but anyway, this has been a frustrating week for Royal's fans, but hopefully things will turn around in tampa tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank You

A shout out to loyal reader Jack Hannah for point out an error I had made--posting Yankees 12, Royals 6. The Royals only scored 5. Thanks, pal.

In-Game Update: Yankees 12, Royals 5

Dear Allard Baird,
Mr. Baird, it's gotta be sooner than later when you realize the truth about Jeremy Affeldt. When he can't locate his curveball in the strike zone, hitters just lock in fastball and take anything that spins funny for a ball. He just gets knocked around--not to mention he has control problems, and when he gets ahead in the count, he cannot seal the deal. He had Sheffield down 0-2. Next pitch? Three-run homer.
Also, it seems to me like the Royals are the only team that doesn't have a pitcher who relies primarily on ground balls. We get a ton of flyouts, and no pitcher on our staff has a dominant splitter where batters roll out to the infield. Hell, I can't even think of a pitcher who can groove a good curveball or slider in there for a strike on a consistent basis. Isn't this a serious problem?
Now, it's not every day where you face a lineup with nine All-Stars in it. I just thought the late inning issues and the egregious mismanagement of pitching was something of the past. Guess not.
-Corby and the Royals

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Need I say more?

In-Game Update: Ah, Crimety

So Sisco absolutely gets the job on a few calls, and has to exit the game. Burgos, while making Damon look like he had only played t-ball prior to his at bat, served up a fat one to Derek Jeter, and of course, being Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and all, Jeter freakin' nailed it. Tattooed it. Spanked it. It looked like he hit a five iron. Tagged it. Annihilated it.
I do not blame Burgos for this, but rather some awful calls, Sisco getting the Yankee home treatment. I usually don't complain about the refs much (this is tuckcity's speciality), but this were some absolute homer calls. Geez. What can you do? The Royals have some awful karma, or something. And to make it worse, the old manager is coaching 1B for the Yanks. Dios mio.

While I'm here, I might as well just update the rest of the game 'til it's done.

Sweeney just got hit by Rivera's pitch. Right in the wrist. He's leaving the game. Helloooooo DL.
Reggie K's. Darn. 0-5, 5 K's now against Rivera.

Mientkiewicz down 0-2. Goddamn it is loud.


Back to Rivera, Yankees win. Wow. I actually thought we were going to win this one.

Tomorrow 12:05 vs. Yankees, ESPN

In-Game Update: Royals 7, Yankees 4

Joe Mays walked the farm today, but was able to escape relatively unscathed. Wood also had his issues, and Dessens (hear me knocking on wood) is rolling right now. I'd have to agree with tuckcity that Mays spot this high in the rotation is troubling, but the offense is responding so far like I've never seen a Royals offense respond. And the Yankees think so highly of Wang that they have never traded him--and that is a compliment to his ability.
More to come as the game unfolds.

PItching Staff

Welp, watching the Yankees/Royals game on Wednesday afternoon and just witnessed Joe Mays Second consecutive debacle of a starting job. This team is in big trouble if we can only count on one or two good starts per round in the rotation. I guess we'll have to see what Affeldt does tomorrow afternoon against former Colorado Rockies superstar Shawn Chacon. If only Runelvys wasn't so fuckin' fat.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I would love the sweep...but as a Royals fan I will naturally take a winning weekend--lately, they have been few and far between. And after all, the White Sox are the reigning World Champions, which entitles them to film extremely lame videos like this as promotional tools.
Scott Elarton has really pitched effectively so far, 8 IP and 3 ER today, but he only really got burned on the Crede 2B in the second and the Thome homer in the eight. But besides that, he threw strikes, and even struck four Sox out.

I still have no idea why Steve Stemle is on the team.

I agree with Rob Neyer's latest column that while Tony Graffanino's acquisition is perhaps kind of smart, they are not being smart with keeping him on the team. I like him a lot, but we have this Rule 5 dude whose at-bats are being taken away by the mega utility Graffanino.

The pitching really hasn't been that awful yet, despite missing three possible rotation starters to mental insanity, fatness, and a knee injury, respectively. But I'll give them credit, they have held their own and at least kept it close enough this weekend to get to our good relievers, not just the mopper uppers.

Zack Greinke is close to returning.

Next Game: Tuesday, 12:05 vs. Yankees

Saturday, April 08, 2006


So, it's Friday night, and I'm expecting to watch a little Royals actionl as Jeremy Affeldt takes the mound before our party that night.
2nd Inning
Bleak, right? Wrong! The Royals storm back to an improbable 11-7 victory; Grudzielanek, Mientkiewicz, Sanders, and Buck led the charge to rally the Roy Roys. This was truly awesome.
Saturday rolls around, 1:10 start, the promising, but mega-raw, Denny Bautista is on the hill. He cruises along, giving up one ER and one hit in six innings of work, and the Royals lead 2-1.
Sisco comes in, and thanks to one of the shakiest defensive plays I have seen in a while, the Sox regain the lead. 3-2, Sox.
Rubber arm Elmer Dessens comes in and cleans up Sisco's mess. Bot 8 rolls around, and Sweeney steps to the plate, fights off some good pitches against Clif Politte, and reaches out and pulls a two-run dinger into the left-field seats. 4-3 Royals.
Ambiorix Burgos comes in and pitches quickly and effectively, striking out 2 of the final 3 Sox, leaving Ozzie Guillen listless and back to the drawing board on the contents of a new tirade. Royals win, Royals WIN!
Good night and good luck.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Royals get shelled

Joe Mays looked terrible on Wednesday, giving up six runs in his short stay on top of the hill. He displayed marginal major league stuff, and the Tigers pounced (hee hee!) on him (but then again, the Tigers socked 6 HRs tonight after hitting 5 on Wednesday! I'm blogging the wrong damn team!)
We lose, 14-3. Emil Brown homers. No other highlights.

On ESPN's "Baseball Tonight," they are doing awesome things; every night, they have player interviews via telephone. So far, I have seen Roy Halladay and Craig Monroe. Halladay did an awesome job describing his gameplan, and Monroe, brought on to prove a point that Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey are similar, couldn't remember that he had even faced Tim Wakefield. Yipes. Akkkkwaaarrdddddd.

Anyways, BUCK NIGHT FRIDAY Affeldt on the hill against CWS...I think we'll win. We need to at some point, right? Right? Why do I hear an echo?

Monday, April 03, 2006


For losing. Although Elarton pitched OK, the Royals fell to the Tigers 3-1 today at Kauffman Stadium. Reggie Sanders delivered an RBI single, John Buck changed his number to 14, and Mike Sweeney ruined a crucial potential run-scoring at-bat, instead crafting a half-assed check swing roller on the first pitch. If the vote passes tomorrow on keeping the teams, it is certainly not because of the Royals' offensive fireworks today.
Man, were people wasted today at the K. Best National Holiday ever.

Other Notables: Mark Grundzielanek, 0-4, 2 K
Doug Mientkiewicz, 0-4, 2 K
Up Next: Tigers, Wednesday 1:10, Jeremy Bonderman v. Joe Mays