Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Affirmative 1R

Nobody's getting too excited, Dyl. Since when were Teahen, DeJesus, and Buck youngsters? Yeah, they are all in their mid-twenties, but it has been a long time since they have had the "prospect" tag attached to them. Buck has shown little power, DeJesus can be a solid but unspectacular regular (his value diminishes because he no longer plays CF), and Teahen, though he has made some improvements, has not shown amazing flash with the bat or the glove. Mike Wood is serviceable; when you make a desperation trade, you are forced to settle for guys like this. And when Allard Baird was commanded to trade Beltran, he was in quite a quandry--especially since Baird made the ridiculous demand of a 3B and a C (The Yankees moved Robinson Cano to third for a month, offered to package him with C Dioner Navarro...but alas...). And all Oakland got in return was RP Octavio you really think Billy Beane would give up two great "prospects" for an arm to shore up his bullpen (Teahen even from the famous Moneyball draft)? Please.

Dayton Moore needs to identify 5-10 prospects he likes and do anything he can to get them. Anything. And then we can afford to be excited at last.

Don't Get Too Excited, Boys....

Yes, the Royals have one some games and are seemingly improving. Yes, the spirit of the team - especially the offense at least - seems improved. Yes, Dayton Moore has a winning record right now as the new GM, with the Royals going 11-7 under his command. But, don't get you hopes up, Royals fans. Right now the Royals are mowing through the dismal NL Central, which isn't a suprise as you look around baseball and see the American League absolutely tearing a new one into the pathetic National League. While I do think the additions of pitchers Brandon Duckworth and Todd Wellemeyer and centerfielder Joey Gatheright are positives, I am anxious to see if the Royals have actually improved when they face off against AL opponents and especially our AL central foes. The Tigers and the White Sox have seemingly been injected with some kind of "Never Lose" Syrum; the Twins are starting to tear it up a little bit; and the Indians suprisingly continue to struggle. It will be interesting to see if the Royals can play .500 ball in the AL Central over the last half of the season. Things could get ugly, however, when - not if - GM Dayton Moore starts to ship off some of the wiley veterans on this Royals team. I expect Reggie Sanders, Mark Grudzielanek, Matt Stairs, and Mark Redmond all to be gone in the next month. This will be a huge blow to the Royals as all of these guys have been key parts in the Royals' recent success. It has been Encouraging to see youngsters like David Dejesus, Mark Teahan, and John Buck start to swing the bat a little better, and hopefully the can keep it up for the rest of the season.

KC natives can just close their eyes and wait for the Chiefs to head up to Riverfalls.

Others can just hope 2007 gets a little prettier.

Snap yo' fingers, it's Matt Stairs

Bartender, Jack! I'd like to thank Neil Everett for this great line, and for the few moments we spoke at the Wheel in Lawrence, KS after the KU-Texas Tech game. And while we're thanking people, we may as well thank Matt Stairs for his two run blast that put the Royals up for good as they surmounted a 5-1 deficit to Eric "Why the hell did we fork over cash for this stiff" Milton and the Reds bullpen. Griffey hit homer 550, but it did no good as the Royals, winners of their last three series, mashed four times as many homers in a 9-8 victory (wait, I mean four homers, not 2200 homers. That would be a record, or something). Does it kind of feel good to be a Royals fan? Well, relatively. Relatively it feels good.
Royals have won 8 of 10, much thanks to the "meh, they're all decent I guess" pitching staff of Keppel, Duckworth, Elarton, Redman, and Wood. I guess credit is due to Dayton Moore for salvaging Duckworth and Wellemeyer, who both have performed decently (and by decently I mean fantastic by current Royals standards) and contributed a lot in their roles. Kyle Snyder was sent back down and all seems right again. Joey Gathright has been fine, but I heard that he might be moving on to Atlanta, who are Joe-nesing for their Gath-right to obtain the speedy outfielder. I'm sorry. If you say, "Why, Corban, what do you have to be sorry about?" you clearly didn't read the last sentence.
So we've won 24 games and it looks like if the Royals were in the NL, a new pennant flag would be flying out in left over the ballpark staple hit-a-truck. Sorry, even I had to laugh at that one. I mean, I couldn't even get the sentence done without laughing. The thought of this team being a contender--well, you get the picture.
The pitching staff has been better, but what has really thrived lately is the offense. The hitters are approaching midseason form; they no longer are letting 90 mph four seamers go right down the hatch. They are swinging at them. Sometimes they are even making contact. Sometimes, it's a hit! Which means only 11 more for donuts.

Tonight, more interleague action (the AL is whipping ass)
Royals vs. Reds 7:05
Elarton vs. Harang (so make sure to adjust your roto lineups accordingly!!!)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Owners can change!...

...but ours still probably won't. A relevant success story.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Terrible, terrible luck strikes again

Kyle Snyder (yes, that Kyle Snyder) was recently activated by the Red Sox and won his first start.

Now excuse me while I step outside and collect my thoughts "&*%$#* north carolina piece of &#&*(#) six &#^!&# strikeouts you have to be yanking my &#*(#@&. (*&^#$&#@ all of this. You cannot be *#(@)#( s serious"

And we got OF Joey Gathright for SP JP Howell. We also got an infielder. More on this later.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ridiculous Play

So, it's the bottom of the eighth before another KC "Classic" Meltdown (Angels will eventually single to win in the 10th). Buddy Bell let Elmer Dessens deliver 43 pitches. Buddy Bell makes Tony Muser look like Whitey Herzog.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, bottom of the eighth. K-Rod on the mound, 1 out, runners on the corners, Sanders at the plate. So what ensues was debated between my brother and I for a good fifteen minutes (also supplemented by some ignorance from the RSTN booth)--Sanders strikes out, but the catcher does it field it cleanly; however, Sanders is called out on the play, because Doug Mientkiewicz had started bolting from first, because he though Sanders was running there (on the dropped strike). I had no idea this was a rule. The crappy Molina brother (the other two are good) then proceeds to throw the ball into center field trying to throw Mientkiewicz out. On the error, DeJesus comes home (limping; awesome!). Mientkiewicz holds on at second, and Stairs strikes out looking because I praised him in yesterday's entry. Typical.

Now, the TV announcers did not know what was going on, and Lefebvre gave a bunch of dubious rulings, like DeJesus's run went to Donnelly because it was his runner, and that the run was earned, even though there was an error on the play.

Turns out, they gave Mientkiewicz a stolen base (??!!!!) even though he had to run because Sanders was coming to first. They gave an UNEARNED run to Donnelly. Whatever.

Maybe every team has wacky plays, in fact I know they do--in 162 games, some crazy junk is bound to happen. But the Royals by far lead the wackiness (is this a stat?). We had a player get hit in the face with a line drive this year while he was playing in the outfield. We had a triple play that took about a minute. Remember that play when Sweeney got hit in the back with a throw from the outfield a couple years back? It was the only 3-6-9 double play I've ever seen (Jacque Jones ran in from left to cover first). Ken Harvey once dove over the tarp to make up for a "I was sleeping on that one" error and hurt himself. Jason Grimsley once punched Ken Harvey in the face when trying to field and throw a grounder, injuring both guys. Terrence Long and Chip Ambres both got caught running into the dugout last year while the ball bounced innocuously behind them. When Miguel Tejada popped out to foul territory on the first pitch, a good-looking and razor sharp teenager yelled "MVP" while he sat over the dugout, and Tejada responded with "(bleep) you, (female dog)" while making direct eye contact. One time, I sat in right field, and guys were riding Michael Tucker (the right fielder on our team), and he turned around and said, "Kiss my ass, (female dog)."

I realize the last two stories aren't that wacky, but they're just funny. You can't deny that.

Anyways, in closing, I would like to thank the kind people at Royals Review for posting my blog among their websites. That website is a great place and the total package; numbers and analysis, while Corby and the Royals is just a jaded college student's take on his favorite baseball team, thanks to geography. I give a Corby and the Royals ringing endorsement to Royals Review, and Royales with Cheese. What a great accolade.

Good night and good luck.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

So much to talk about

Not really. But the Royals did pick up a win last night, 4-3, after another Burgos "is he gonna blow it?" dramatic ninth. But if we're gonna be terrible, let's at least keep the casual viewer interested. You're welcome, Craig Johnson of Athens, GA, and I'm sorry your remote broke...that's just bad timing. CINEMax was only one click away...condolences.

Anyways, the Royals have been catching some national attention (besides the attention gained from a high level of sucktitude) from the story where two KC journalists' press passes were revoked after asking David Glass some rather pressing questions regarding his handling of Allard Baird...but of course, the occurence of a direct relationship between two passes getting revoked and these questions is being heavily refuted by the Glass camp. Hey, Camp David! Hardly.

There's gonna be some moving around down on the farm and at the Major League Level. The Yankees (according to ESPN Insider...won't link it, subscription site) have inquired about Reggie Sanders. The Mets have asked about Mark Grundzielanek. Runelvys Hernandez has asked if he can have their meal stipends if they are traded. (By the way, Hernandez struck out 11 in Omaha the other night, so I have drawn a likely conclusion--Moore said, Runelvys, for each strikeout you can have a hoagie with either ham or turkey and a side of steak fries. Hernandez's gut, his most powerful instinct, responded)

It is my personal opinion that Matt Stairs and Reggie Sanders have to be traded--though I like them both a heckuva lot. They are pure major leaguers, never guys who will go to Cooperstown, but there isn't a team in the league that wouldn't want them. Now I know they have grown to be defensive liabilities at times (especially Stairs) but both of these guys deserve to be in a pennant race. They can still freaking hit. And imagine where they aren't in a lineup surrounded by Teahens and Berroas. Pretty good results, I would think. If we can get something--anything-- for these two guys, we have to do it. They deserve better than this, I know, but that is not my reasoning. Two decent/good bats aren't going to lift us out of the dregs of the American League. Therefore, they are expendable.

Wayne Simien still loves the Royals. I still love Wayne Simien. The Royals love me, by which I mean, they love the money I spend when I go to the K to see the worst team in the Metro (Although the Wiz suck without Conrad, Johnson, and Wolff. How is that fair? The most any other MLS team lost was one guy). To see the love triangle unfold in real time, please watch Montel this Friday at 4 on Fox.

Royals vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Coronado formerly of the Native Americans

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So it's Hochevar...

The Royals wanted to make a statement that they're not gonna go Wal-Mart and roll back the prices, so they picked the former Tennessee standout Luke Hochevar. My mother, never sweet when it comes to sports teams, called him "an idiot" after hearing his radio interview, speaking inarticulately, thanking the Lord, and saying that the Lord brought him here. In addition, Jesus also wants him to command 4 mil up front.

Listen, I know that I may have tried too hard with the Wal-Mart thing at the beginning of the entry, but I just hope this guy isn't a headcase. Boras usually represents talented clients--notably Jered Weaver last year, Stephen Drew the year before that. Both of those guys are gonna be in the Majors (Weaver already is, bumping his older brother to the pen). I agree with tuckcity that his scouting tape looks fine, but it's a SCOUTING TAPE. They don't put him getting shelled, or dishing out 4+ walks a game like he averaged at Tennessee. We don't need another Colt Griffin. We just need a guy who works hard (Hochevar apparently has great work ethic) and gets the job done. Maybe we'll finally see a polished product in the Majors. Maybe.

Royals on the Clock

The KC Sucks picked Luke Hochevar as the first pick in the 06 draft. He is a 6-5 205 lb right-handed pitcher with so-so command and great stuff. After watching his scouting video, it is clear that this guy can become an effective big league pitcher. His mid-nineties fastball dances all over the place and he has a great curve ball. The Royals picked him due to the fact that he was the best available talent that could help out the team quickly. The general consensus number 1 pick, North Carolina lefty pitcher Andrew Miller, dropped down to number six and the Detroit Tigers; Now, we can look forward to Miller tormenting the Royals for years to come. My only complaint with the Royals pick is that he is a client of one Mr. Scott Boras. So, my guess is he will pitch pretty decent for a couple of years with the Royals and be traded and become a star somewhere. Go Royals. (Eye Roll)