Monday, July 31, 2006

More deals!

In quite an INTERESTING move, the Royals traded Jeremy Affeldt and Denny Bautista to the Rockies for RHP Scott Dohmann and 1B Ryan Shealy, who was as recently as 2004 considered one of the top 20 prospects in the minors. Obviously, he has been stuck behind Todd Helton, and certainly hasn't unseated him or forced the Rockies' hand.

Shealy has put up good numbers in AAA (.284, .351, .568), but there has been a lot of debate about his upside lately. If you go back to scouting reports cerca 2004, everyone thought this guy was gonna mash like Pujols. But now, he hasn't even earned a spot on the Rockies' 40-man roster (this is certainly arguable--a lot of pitchers are protected on this, fewer hitters). And the inclusion of Dohmann is a trifle puzzling-- a 28 year-old RHP. But, let's hope for once that the GM sees something us plebians don't.

I'd post a picture, but Shealy is kind of ugly. If you wanna see some pretty faces, scroll down two posts. Thank you.

Stairs dealt

It appears Matt Stairs gets to fly back to Arlington tonight, as he was dealt for pitching prospect Joselo Lopez, who has four saves between the AA and AAA levels.

Whatever. Neither really helps in the short run, but if Lopez ever becomes something, then it could be worth it. Really, I don't have much to say about this deal. Time will tell I guess.

Although, the Dodgers, whose unis quite resemble the Royals were it not for the splashes of red, dealt for Greg Maddux and Julio Lugo, flipping Cesar Izturis to the Cubs--rejoice, Winetroub. The days of the outstandingly bad Ronny Cedeno (.252, .277, .337...ugh) are over.

When did Julio Lugo become such hot property? The Dodgers flipped Joel Guzman for him! That was dumb.

White Sox @ Royals
Contreras vs. Runelvys

Sunday, July 30, 2006

De La Rosa wins!; 100th Post!

Yes, it's true. This is the 100th post. Corby and the Royals would like to thank all our loyal readers for helping us through the "birth" years and move into the second century of posts. We'd also like to thank those 100 or so Koreans who accidentaly loaded the page, albeit for a fraction of a second. Without you, none of this is possible.

Well, back to the schtick. Jorge de la Rosa has got some gross stuff. Nasty. However, he misses the zone a lot, and had some plays really roll in his favor (think the DP while the bases were loaded in the 3rd or 4th inning). He was good though, well worth a 30 something utility IF. I just hope we unload some veterans in the next 48 hours...cuz after Gathright's spectacular play last night and overall impressive prowess in CF, these deals are lookin' mighty fine so far, and I'm anxious to see what else Prince Moore can muster.

de la Rosa's official line: 6.0 IP, 9 H, 2 HR, 2 BB, 7 K...pretty solid.

Jorge de la Rosa is not the reason I posted. The reason is Mark Teahen. I know there's a lot of people (especially KC Star) who were pretending like they knew this was going to happen all along, but even I, who is an optimist when it comes to everything Royal, was beginning to lose hope that Teahen was ever going to turn it around. But since he has been called up after his stint in Omaha, Teahen has been sensational. Since the All-Star Game, Teahen has an astonishing line--.333, .462, .725--take a second to wipe the fog off your glasses. Mark Teahen, in July, has an OPS over 1, which is in elite player category. Also, he has walked more than he has struck out, something he has not done since he's been in the Majors. People, this isn't a turnaround--it's a renaissance.

In July, Teahen has 7 HR and 25 RBI. He's in the top 10 or so for the month for every relevant batting statistic this side of Turf/Dirt splits.

Nonetheless, this excites me. Now, what does this mean for Alex Gordon....

I present you the first Corby and the Royals cliffhanger.

Thank you readers, and I'll keep it coming. Please leave comments. They help me know what's up.

Even if it's in Korean.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


First thing, here is an example of how extensively covered the Boston Red Sox are. I type Tony Graffanino's name in "Google Images" and out of the first 30 results, 25 of them have Tony clad in Red Sox gear or at Red Sox events. How long did he play for them again? Wasn't it like eight weeks? I thought this was odd, then I typed in "David Ortiz." Thirty-seven pages. Oh.

So anyways, we traded Tony Graffanino to the Brewers for Jorge de la Rosa (and they have his picture up already! And it's not one of those obviously doctored ones!), a pitcher who appeared in the Futures Game a few years back and is starting for the Royals on Saturday. Buddy's head must be spinning hundreds of miles an hour with all the new possibilities! Actually, it would be better to state this speed in kilometers. That makes it sound way bigger.

Good trade. A 32-54 team doesn't really need any thirty-something utility guys, and that's what Tony is. We can be patient with de la Rosa, who has great stuff, zero control (here we go again). But, we got some talent. Talent is good, right?

Speaking of talent, Jimmy Gobble heads to the mound tonight.

Orioles at Royals
Lopez vs. Gobble

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moore firing on all cylinders

This afternoon, the Dodgers traded Odalis Perez and minor league righties Blake Johnson and Julio Pimental for Royals reliever Elmer Dessens, who was a Dodger last year. The Royals also got cash.

Although Odalis has been horrible this year (4-4, 6.83 ERA), the dude has won 15 games in the past, and will probably benefit from a change of scenery. He has a 3-year, $24 million dollar deal which he is in the second year of--this is where the cash comes in--and says the Dodgers have "treated him like trash." Also, Perez is rumored to have one of the worst fashion senses in the bigs, notoriously wearing bright t-shirts much too small for his large figure, among other fashion atrocities.

I like this deal. We don't need Dessens. I know Buddy Bell loves him, and will now struggle finding the right guy to turn the ball over to in close situations, but let's face it, Buddy Bell's gonna struggle no matter what happens. Perez is 29, and we're getting help with his contract figures. Add two minor league arms Blake Johnson and Julio Pimental (warning: clicking on these names will not show you glossy, impressive stats), and all in all, sounds pretty good. And I bet Moore's not finished yet, either.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Looking to the future...

Dayton Moore continues to impress me. The Royals are not going to be able to contend in the American League Central for a while, so Moore decided that injury plagued Mike MacDougal is not going to factor into the Royal future when he is in his mid-thirties. While second-tier prospects are never ideal, Cortez and Lumsden could very well figure into the Royals' development (especially Lumsden, a 6ft 5in hard throwing lefty). I will miss Big Mac and all of his antics, and it will be hard rooting against him and instantly hating him now that he will be putting on a White Sox uniform everyday, but I think it was the right decision.

By the way, the heart of the White Sox lineup sounds something like this..... Soriano, Thome, Konerko. Yikes. While last year, the White Sox proved winning in October revolves around starting pitching, it would be hard pressed to ask any starter to get those three out.

Let's look forward to some more deals and speculate whether or not good luck will ever turn its eye towards our precious Royals. Bye, Big Mac.

MacDoug close to being dealt

* ALERT *: According to Chicago station WSCR, Mike MacDougal has been traded to the White Sox for two prospects, probably including P Tyler Lumsden. More to come.

You heard it here first...Mike MacDougal may soon be parting ways with the Royals for...gulp...the White Sox, who are also closing in on a deal to put Alfonso Soriano in pinstripes. Well, not those pinstripes. Sox pinstripes. Yeah, it's worlds different.

If this is the end, it's been a great, hat-losing, fireballin' time. I'll miss you Dougie, but success and happiness in Royal blue is ephemeral...


So, Friday night, I settle in to watch the Royals host the Angels. Mark Gubicza was getting inducted into the Royals Hall-of-Fame, and the Royals got the rock 'n' Roll enthusiast Gubicza an Aerosmith-signed guitar. Nice gesture if you ask me, and I would link you to Ian Stewart's review of Aerosmith from our old Immense Epiphanies website, but, alas, it no longer exists. But here's the part that had me red in the face with rage.

The guitar was encased in wood, and had pictures and other knick knacks for the sake of presentation. But who lifted this guitar and carried it to Gubicza, must you ask? Which Royals player do you know that would likely be unable to perform this task, given recent back and spinal column issues? Mike freakin' Sweeney, who's put 6 RBIs and a .192 average up on the board for the 2006 Royals IN THE DH POSITION, carried the cumbersome object, then appeared to "milk it," hobbling away.

When the ink was drying on his contract years ago, I was excited. Now I get to see a "Captain" embellish his injury. I know Sweeney is a moral guy and all, but it doesn't seem right that he's letting minor injuries pile up and keep him out of the eyes of the paying public. When I go to the park, I don't even THINK of Sweeney anymore, because for the last 3 years, he's been out of the lineup 70% of the time.

Take the "C" away, and let's move on to the next phase of Kansas City Royals baseball.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Angels in the outfield

Before,I say anything, I'm gonna take a win no matter how you slice it. I don't care if the Angels had 4 errors, 3 wild pitches, a catcher's interference, and a runner's interference. That is the shabbiest I have ever seen a Major League defense play, and I'm a Royals fan. There's such a thing as "winning pretty," but inversely, there is also such a thing as "losing ugly," as the 2005 and 2006 Royals have proved, and it was on display Thursday night with the Angels in town. But luckily, it was on the other side for once.

Tonight, Elvys is back.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Slow night, so close

Well, last night's game was played at an incredible pace--about 2 1/2 hours of gametime. Red Sox rookie lefty Jon Lester was dealin', and one mistake beat the Royals, when Duckworth left a pitch a little too fat for Alex S. Gonzalez (he puts the S. in there so you don't get him confused with the other good defensive shortstop with the slappy bat of the same name...wait, who are we talking about again?). One mistake. At least the way I see it. Twenty-seven mistakes if you look at it the other way.

Same deal today--I watched it on ESPN GameCast at work. ESPN Gamecast has a very misleading graphic where a hit ball floats to where the out was/wasn't recorded, making shallow flies look like tape-measure shots until they have a physically impossible steep drop almost straight down. But, Papelbon came in, and you know what happens after that. Ballgame, Beantown.

Tomorrow, the Angels are in town. Is their offense worse than ours? Well, not lately, they've been on fire. Stay tuned for a possible Runelvys comeback!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Buddy Bell: Genius

This picture summarizes what really bothered me during last night's collapse (a 4-0 lead is NEVER safe this last week has shown me). Yeah, Ortiz stole a bag. He got signaled in the hit 'n' run, the guy at the plate didn't make contact, and Buck launched a throw high and to the wrong side of the bag. Tons of slow guys have a stolen base this year. Derrek Lee has a few. Cliff Floyd (torpid!) has six. Prince Fielder has five. I could go on. But it's not the fact that he swiped the bag, it's the fact that he was so goddamn smug about it. It was like Dave Roberts stole second in the ALCS! There was gratuitous pointing, grinning, and as you can see, he yanked the base out of the freakin' ground.

I like David Ortiz. He is a personable All-Star who has so many game-ending hits it's pointless to count them anymore. He could strike out in every last at bat in every loss the Sox have for the rest of his career and it won't matter. This guy got them to the World Series. But you're playing the Royals, the pitcher isn't even looking over there--you're David Ortiz--and you get a big jump and steal the base. Perhaps revelry isn't needed. Ya think? Tony Graffanino is playing short. Joel Peralta is pitching. These guys aren't exactly on the fast track to Cooperstown.

Obviously, I have displaced my anger at losing a game we were winning 4-0 deep into the night with being furious over a fat power hitter stealing second. Of course, a Royal unraveling occured, I would be lying if I said I wasn't familiar with this concept. But still...I wish Kyle Snyder hadn't pitched Sunday so we could destroy him. Too bad.

Tonight, Tonight,
Royals @ Red Sox
Duckworth vs. Lester

Monday, July 17, 2006

Big W

Well, the Royals in the cold face of history delivered again, avoiding another futility record by beating the Tigers 9-6 as tuckcity already commented. Joey Gathright had 4 RBIs.

The Royals are looking like a volunteer health clinic at the moment--everybody's got something wrong with them. Reggie's knees, Grudz is ailing and may be visiting the DL soon (so long, trade value), Mientkiewicz is still not 100% and Berroa has been scratched from the lineup for a few days (thank goodness). So, we're finally throwing some at-bats Esteban German's way (.341/.429/.407) which is good. In other good news, Mark Teahen has been killing the ball. As Rob 'n' Rany suggested , Teahen has possible trade value. He's 24, beginning to come around, has no attachment to the current GM, and has an absolute studbeast behind him in the minors. Another option is moving one of them to another position (Gordon has been electric at third and is likely staying put). I like Teahen, and think Allard Baird might have been better than perceived. A master of small transactions, he could never nail the big fish, and got involved in one of the biggest highway robberies in the last ten years (Jermaine Dye, 3rd in AL SLG% , for Neifi Perez, playing horribly for a team possibly more screwed than the Royals). Also, the way Beltran has played in comparison to Wood/Buck/Teahen, we mighta got jobbed there too.

There's something that hasn't been in the Royals camp in ages; hope. Young players turning it around, and a .500 record since June 1 without the help of most of the veterans. This ship may just right itself after all...and Allard Baird is no small part of that.

Even More Impressive.......

Tomorrow morning, worldwide, people will pick up their papers and immediately throw everything out but the sports section. Why, you may ask? The reason is the intense rivalry that is the Royals vs. the Tigers. A close rivalry this season sees the Tigers barely edging out the Royals 11-1. Wait a tick.... 11-1? Well, that's not very close at all! But, the hype... the expectations... the focus of the entire globe..... or not.

Yes, the Royals did squeak by the Tigers today 9-3 (Mike MacDougal notched his first save of the year!), but the season series is out of hand. I noticed something today; The Tigers' leadoff man, Curtis Granderson, has eleven homers. The Royals co-leaders, Reggie Sanders and Mark Teahen, sit at nine. Hmmm...... you might be thinking, "Come on, Dylan! The Royals play in a huge ballpark! It's not fair to compare stats!" I would then say, after slapping you silly of course, "Comerica park is a monster; the outfield seems absolute endless out there, you twit!" You would then retort with, "Ok, fine, but what's your point, you big dumb douche bag?" Then I would go on to tell you that my point is the Royals have serious power issues. I mean really bad power issues. We are the only team in major league baseball with less than two players who have ten or more homers, and we don't even have one!!!! Alex Gordon and Billy Butler are going to not only have to hit for average, but they are going to have to each hit thirty-plus homers a year, and do it immediately! I believe, as does the rest of the world, that both of these guys are legit, and let's just hope we're not wrong.

By the way, Corban: Alex Gordon is one of two top three prospects who has not thrown a bat at an umpire.... so we have that going for us!

Tucker, out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Top 150 Prospects list

Alex Gordon is #3, trailing Delmon Young and Anaheim's Brandon Wood. That's pretty impressive. Billy Butler is #14.

In other Wranglers news, Gordon and Butler both had grand slams yesterday, but it wasn't enough as the Wranglers lost 11-10 in 15 innings. Also, they ran out of pitchers and UT Mike Avila had to pitch. Way to go, Frank White.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Prospects shine in Futures Game

Wichita OF Billy Butler was named MVP of this year's MLB Futures Game, a game that showcases the top talent in the minors. Also contributing was Alex Gordon, who knocked in 2 RBIs in the 8-5 US victory over the World prospects. After the game, Butler's bat was taken to the--get this--Hall of Fame. Butler on the situation:

"You've got to be kidding me," said Butler, describing his immediate reaction. "It's got to be going to another Hall of Fame, not the real thing."

Congratulations to Billy Butler--and thank you for giving Royals fans something to smile about. His line ended up being 2-3 with a HR and two RBIs. The home run was a shot to straight away center, clearing the fence and hopping into the brush that occupies PNC Park's outer fencing. Butler and Gordon, who also delivered 2 hits with a double and 2 RBIs, will be going to Cuba in August to represent team USA.
Even though these guys are not major leaguers, the state of the current team has a lot of the fan base reading their lines daily in the back pages of the KC Star. Congratulations, boys, and I can't wait to see you in royal blue in the near future.

edit: additional ESPN story and video


The streak is over. Sorry for Royals fans, Scott Elarton pitched tonight. Ever since a tough luck start to the season (decent ERA/No run support), Elarton has been consistently shelled. He gave up five runs in 4 plus innings to the Jays tonight. The Royals have shown some swagger ever since GM Dayton Moore took over and some of the players seem to be finding some kind of comfort zone. Hopefully tomorrow the roy-roys can find some way to knock around the Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay, and please Mr. Jack Hannah (not the animal guy but I'm sure the animal guy wouldn't mind it either).

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well, I guess this is what they call a hot streak

On Friday night, the Royals beat the Blue Jays 13-3 behind 5 strong innings of pitching by Luke Hudson, who absolutely pounded the zone for strikes. I was shocked that some of the Blue Jays' hitters didn't take advantage of the "meatiness" factor on some of these pitches. But this is the Royals, and I'll take a win even if Luke Perry was pitching. Which might be worth a shot (marketing-wise).

If the Royals win tonight, they will post a stellar .500 mark at home. Yes, .500 is not often categorized as "stellar," but when your 3-4 hitters are Doug Mientkiewicz and Emil Brown, .500 is something you can set as a goal. Seriously. Finally, Allard Baird's genius "Hey, they're all all right!" plan for the ballclub is finally bearing fruit.

The chase for the AL Central is on! Only 26.5 games to make up in the toughest division in baseball. But the elimination that counts, mathematical, shows that a comeback is still possible. GO ROYALS!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Simply the best!

Well, not the worst anymore. That honor belongs to the Pittsburgh Pirates...who also are hosting the 2006 MLB All-Star Game! Hooray! No Pedro, though. Yep. No Pedro. He's nursing that sore hip that he sustained while--get this--changing his shirt. According to

The star pitcher revealed last week that he recently received
a cortisone injection in his ailing hip. He felt similar discomfort last season,
his first with the Mets, and aggravated the injury when he slipped in the
bathroom and fell on his hip while changing his shirt during a series in Florida
in May.

Baseball injuries are the greatest.

Speaking of Pirates.... out today. But I hear it kinda sucks. But, hey, if you get one good movie out of an amusement park ride, two might really be pushing it. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Jays at Royals, 7:10

A.J. Burnett vs. Luke Hudson (seriously?? ah for the love of...)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Freckles, I disagree on several accounts:

1.) I never mentioned those guys as prospects, you just can't give up on people after less than 2 seasons in the bigs, especially when it appears that they are figuring some things out (Dejesus is 24-49 in his last 12. Also, i disagree about his value decreasing being moved to left. It gives him more of an opportunity to focus on his bat work and takes pressure off of him as a defender. With him and Gathright, who can't hit by the way, I feel that the Royals have one of the best defensive outfields in the Major Leagues.)

2.) I think that Teahen has been doing more than just sufficing after being in Omaha. He makes the charging-ground-ball-bare-hand play better than anyone in MLB, except for maybe Scott Rolen. He's shown some power, and is starting to pull the ball more.

3.)John Buck and Mike Wood are not that great. I never said they were. I think put in the appropriate roles (Backup Catcher and Middle Relief, respectively), they can be productive Major-Leaguers.

4.) As far as Mark Redman is concerned, that is an absolute joke. Our All-Star should be us for actually spending time writing about the team. Dylan, Corban, and Redman (the hip-hop star of course) all stuffed into one jersey.

Let's see if we can win the series against the Twinkies tonight. Hopefully, Lew Ford gets beaned in the head!

Yep, Mark Redman

Here he is celebrating the news during a 2003 Florida Marlins reunion party with Mike Lowell...ah, the picture is dated, but Mark Redman is your 2006 Kansas City Royals All-Star. To order his American League Batting Jersey, go here. Scroll down the names to customize and it updates the jersey on the screen. When "Redman" rolls on there, it's a hilarious sight. Mark Redman, an All-Star. That's just freaking awesome.
To speculate who is truly behind this, I think the answer is Ozzie Guillen. Ozzfest was Redman's coach during his career 2003 campaign with the Marlins, and Ozzie had an easier time slopping a pitcher onto the roster than another position player, especially with the AL All-Stars in an NL park debacle--this is leaving Travis Hafner (.318, 24 HR, 70 RBI) off the team. Also, Redman could pitch a few innings if that bizarre extra-innings-no-one-in-the-dugout thing happens again.
The Royals don't deserve an All-Star, and the fact that everyone gets one is a dumb rule. I think you should try, but if it isn't even feasible (Mark Redman falls into this category) you should just leave that team out, no hard feelings. Curt Schilling (2nd in quality starts...SECOND!) and Francisco Liriano (9-1, 1.99 ERA which leads the ML) should be on this team. But that rule leaves them out. This happens all the time. Also, I don't like how the host gerrymanders to get as many, in this case Pirates, on the team as possible. Jason Bay makes it. Fine. But Freddy Sanchez? The NL has four 3Bs on the roster. Now that's just dumb.
I wish instead of Mark Redman, they would send Redman in a Royals jersey. That would inject much needed vigor and street-cred into the Royals organization. Then, David Glass would start rolling into games in "hoopties" bumping that new Lil Wayne mixtape "Dedication 2." Perhaps then we could attract some young players and free ourselves of these geriatric modern Royals. But if this is the only way, we are truly screwed.