Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get Yo' Brooms Out...

We did it!!! We won consecutive games at Jacobs Field! Thanks to a decent outing by Jorge De La Rosa (5 IP, 2 ER) and some nice bullpen work, the Royals swept the short two game series at the Jake. The Royals just need to win six of their last 16 games to avoid a 100-loss season. As bad as that sounds, it really is a miracle turn around from the beginning of the season, and Royals fans should be hopeful for the upcoming years. A lot of young talent is starting to look decent (Teahan, Dejesus, Gathright, De La Rosa, Shealy) and in the minors we are holding on to a lot of promising players (Gordon, Butler, Greinke, Lindscum, Hochevar, Buckner, Huber, etc.). The Wichita Wranglers are currently in a battle with Corpus Cristie for the Texas League title as we speak. We all know football takes precedence but take a minute to think of all the big wins the Roy-Roys have had against the big-boys lately. We've had fun playing spoiler for the last month or so. Corban showed you the Chiefs blog link below (I'm not giving up yet as apparently he has) but baseball is just starting to heat up folks. Sit down one night where you're not doing anything, take your pants off, and watch a very fun, energetic Royals team. As long as there isn't any football that is (So, fridays, saturdays, sundays, and mondays are out of the question).

In addition...

I would like to send you toward Corby and Tuckcity's new Chiefs blog. We will offer similar content to this site, but I must warn you, Corby is not as optimistic about the Chiefs as he is the Royals (strangely enough). But enough for now, all hail Czar Peterson!

Buck vs. Hernandez Rd. 1

For those who have turned their heads to football season (I honestly can't blame you), you missed one helluva dugout brawl last night at Jacobs Field. After striking out Ryan Garko, Runelvys Hernandez hustled back to the dugout, called out C John Buck, and fisticuffs shortly ensued.

Sure, the fight was short-lived: Hernandez swung first, which was followed by a Buck hook which managed to miss Hernandez. Have you seen Hernandez? The guy's a freaking whale!

All in all, the Royals pulled it out, 5-3, led by the 4-hit night for Esteban German, which has helped him join the "Hey, maybe Baird wasn't that bad after all!" group of acquistions that include Mark Teahen, Raul Ibanez, and to a lesser extent Emil Brown.

The magic number is 8 to avoid 100 losses. Seventeen games remain.