Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If you used to not care, then things have changed...

The Royals have once again outbid two major league ball clubs and we're not talking about the Twins and the D-rays, this time it was the freakin' Yankees and the Red Sox! We'll somebody please tell me to open my eyes and get ready for school cause i might miss the bus, cause i must be dreamin'! This is crazy! The Royals just signed free-agent closer Octavio Dotel to a one-year 5 million dollar deal to finish games in 07. While Dotel has been injured, he is two years out of Tommy John surgery and said in a press conference yesterday (sporting lucky #28 (think Ken Harvey people)) that he was ready to go and can pitch three nights in a row if need be. This signing is obviously fantastic for the organization as it was clear that the Royals needed to find someone who can come in and shut the door, something that the Royals simply could not do last year (namely Ambiorix Burgos who blew a whopping 12 saves in 30 tries).

All of these free-agent aquisitions are showing me that this organization has changed and is ready to compete, which is something that we haven't seen in Kansas City since I was about 4 years old. Am I saying that Gil Meche or Octavio Dotel are the saviors of the city of fountains? no, i'm not. But, throwing this kind of money around shows me that the Glass family is committed and wants to win and also is an example that this team is not going to let players like Alex Gordon get away once they reach free-agency and arbitration.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

J.P. Ricciardi, GM, Major Whiner

Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi, a figure who has enjoyed so much success with the Blue Jays, called out Gil Meche's competitiveness after he agreed to his contract with the Royals. This really stings coming from a Blue Jays organization who only won a World Series because of a Kansas City native. Buddy Bell has some stern, yet hilarious, words for JP. Read up.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boy, I really hope we "Meche" together

The Royals have apparently won the bidding war for right-hander Gil Meche. He will make $45 million dollars over four years, and has catapulted into "whipping boy" status had anything go wrong this season.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Corby on the Hot Stove

In the current "spend all your disposable payroll cash on average veteran pitchers" phase of free agency, the Royals have targeted two of the most average: I'm talking about Gil Meche and Miguel Batista.

Now, I know Mr. Tucker would throw a big fit if we signed Miguel Batista, who happens to be one of my favorite players, and that fact is totally unrelated to his playing career. For those who don't know, Miguel Batista is crazy. He walks around the outfield writing poetry before games. He just finished a detective novel.

He's a crafty, versatile pitcher who has started in the World Series and also performed closer duties admirably. Do I want to pay $24 mil for 3 years for him, like we're about to do (unless the Cardinal match)? Hell no. The Royals would be much better off saving their money this offseason. I know there is pressure on Dayton Moore to do something in his first offseason with the team. But do we need to get guys who will likely get injured and/or be supremely mediocre for way more then they are worth? Nope. Look at this market! Carlos Lee got a 100 mil! Barry Zito, who has never reverted to Cy Young form, could also get 100 mil. The Cubs will still be paying Soriano about 20 million dollars per year while he approaches his mid thirties. I want to make this proclamation to our vast readership: THIS IS NOT A BUYER'S MARKET.

I do like inviting Dewon Brazelton to Spring Training. He is a former first round draft pick with a helluva backstory. It's definately worth a shot. If we can get rid of some of our superfluous outfielders, that would be good to, as it's gonna be time to bring Alex Gordon along soon. Things are looking up...but a contender is still relatively far away, although I agree with Rob Neyer when he says we're going to have a pretty good offense in a year or so.

Good to be back. Tell your friends.

Bye-Bye Burgos...

Yes, it's true... the Royals traded flame-throwing inconsistent closer Ambiorix Burgos to the New York Mets for Right-handed Starter Brian Bannister. Bannister is 26 years old and, best case scenario, figures to pan out to be a Paul Byrd type guy as a number 4 or 5 starter.
I don't really mind this trade as we are desperate for some starting pitching, but Dayton Moore really needs to come home with a little more from the Winter meetings. the Royals are most likely going to be out-bid in the attempted signing of Gil Meche and are rumored to be paying a lot of money for a 35 year old man that they released about eight years ago in Miguel Batista. Another rumor floating around is that Outfield Journey-man Emil Brown could be heading to Baltimore in exchange for Right-handed starter Rodrigo Lopez. The coure that this off-season is taking is leading me to believe that the organization is going to put a lot of pressure on Captain head-case Zack Greinke once again. Greinke is going to be looked at as the possible ace of this staff and i'm not sure that he could ever handle the pressure of that position. The point is that we need to overpay now for somebody who can help this pitching staff down the road because the ridiculous amount of money that unproven free-agent pitchers are getting this year will lead teams to signing their own pitchers, thus reducing the free-agent market next year. I think the Royals might possibly be able to contend in the 2008 season, as the offense will probably be there, but they need to develop and expand this pitching staff.