Thursday, March 29, 2007

How the Royals can win the World Series

At Baseball Prospectus, there have been write-ups for every team on how they can win the world series, and today the Royals preview came about, written by KC's own Rany Jazayerli of fame.

Buddy Bell Reveals Lineup Card

Also, Emil Brown is not happy.

The projected lineup:
1. CF David DeJesus
2. 2B Mark Grudzielanek
3. RF Mark Teahen
4. DH Mike Sweeney
5. 3B Alex Gordon (!!!!!!)
6. 1B Ryan Shealy
7. LF Ross Gload/Emil Brown
8. C John Buck/Jason LaRue
9. SS Tony Pena, Jr.

Rotation is also set.
Rotation: Meche, Perez, Greinke, Jorge de la Rosa, Brandon Duckworth
Bullpen: Braun, Dotel, Gobble, Peralta, Soria, Wellemeyer, Riske

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Confused Young Man...

The title is describing yours truly, and what I am confused about is Jorge De La Rosa. I know he is out of options, and I know the Royals want another lefty in their rotation, but why are the Royals so convinced of this guy? He had his usual incredibly inconsistent outing today and only made it through an inning and 2/3 giving up 6 runs and striking out 3. De La Rosa has the consistency of a pool of oil and water and seemingly will never change. It just baffles me that the Royals front office seems so sure that he can be an effective major league starter. It may be case of the Royals just having no other options, and with Luke Hudson currently out of the mix the back end of the Royals rotation appears primed for disaster.

Emil Brown greater than Roberto Clemente?

Talk about a tirade. From this morning's KC Star.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Glimmering Dotel Article

Joe Posnanski's column on Octavio Dotel from this morning.

By the way, I would really recommend Joe Posnanski's book The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America. It reads quickly, as it is virtually a string of Posnanski columns with a common theme and scope. It's a really uplifting book, detailing the clever man and modern philosopher, Buck O'Neil.

One week 'till it all starts.

A Little More Magic.... Pena Style!

We all remember the magical 2003 season in which the Royals held a seven game lead in the AL central at the all-star break and kept fans in the stands all year by finishing at an 83-79 clip. Two key components of that team were the AL manager of the year, Tony Pena, and AL ROY Angel Berroa.

It's 2007 and Tony Pena Sr. is a coach for the East Coast Assholes in pinstripes and Angel Berroa has been demoted to Triple A Omaha, take a peak. Side Note: How excited are Omaha residents that get to see Professor Booted Ball instead of Alexander the Great this year? The Royals have now signed Tony Pena once again, but this time it is the junior version and he will start at short stop a week from today. You can look at the article and Pena's stats in forty major league games with the braves here.

The 2007 Baseball Prospectus claims that putting anyone in Berroa's spot is almost guaranteed for 3 more wins for the club. Is Tony Pena, Jr. the answer? the future? who knows. His stats as you can see are not that impressive and has committed an awful lot of errors for a player known for superb defense, but it is almost impossible to play any worse than Angel last year who was the worst regular in baseball with a .259 on base percentage. In my opinion, fans with their Blue and White goggles on will be happy to see anything on the field besides the Angel in the Infield. The Royals have what appears to be a pretty nice young core of position players with David Dejesus, Ryan Shealy, Mark Teahen, Alex Gordon, John Buck, Soon to be Royal Billy Butler, and now the 26 year old Pena Jr. I think what Royals fans should look for out of the young Pena is the ability to draw walks and the ability to consistently convert the easy play in the field. I think Kansas City has seen the last of the team goat for the last two years, so I'd recommend that Reggie Sanders gets some ear plugs.

Monday, March 05, 2007

German's the Man...

As most of you know by now, Grudzy has torn ligaments in his knee and is going in to surgery today. You can read about here:

Grud Goes Down

A lot of fans were intrigued by Esteban German's bat last year as he proved to be one of the best pinch hitters in the American League. While Grud will more than likely it will be interesting to see wheter or not German can be an effective everyday second baseman. The injury to Grud is good and bad. Good: German gets his chance. Bad: We really needed to see if German can play short and with very few bodies to stuff in at second, that is a chance we will no longer get. Ryan Shealy has just hit his second homer of spring (off of Peavey!) and the Royals lead the pods 2-1 with Jorge De La Rosa starting for the boys in blue:

Royals v. Padres

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Little Fun To Brighten Your Day

Check out the second pitcher's line for the Sox in the box score of this Red Sox v. Blue Jays game:

An Old Friend of the Royals Struggles a Bit

In other news, the richest kid on the block, otherwise known as Gil Meche, makes his Royals debut today at 2...