Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Grocery List

First of all, we need a manager. Although the splendid reign of Buddy Bell makes many Kansas Citians wish that these days could last forever (cough cough), it's time to find someone else to helm this relatively rightward vessel. The names we've heard: Terry Pendleton, Frank White, and a gaggle of old-timers who haven't managed in a half-decade. The names we haven't heard: Tony Muser, Calvin Pickering, and that minor league manager who threw that ridiculous tantrum last year. I'm glad we are sticking to the former list.

As I've been saying to many of my friends (tuckcity edit: acquiantances), I actually think the Royals have pieces off which to build, as compared to the past, where these "pieces" (Neifi Perez, Carlos Febles, Chip Ambres) were mere mirages. We're set at 3B, 2B, C, SS for the time being, and have two outfield spots tacked down. Also, we have a fairly solid front end of the rotation and a bullpen that surprised a lot of people this year (although when we took Greinke out and plugged him in the rotation, the middle relief was much spottier). If we can go forth with Meche, Greinke, and the sublimely consistent performance of Brian Bannister, we're pretty good in that regard. Soria is awesome; he stays at closer. The rest? We will have to wait and see.

The problems we need to address are both the obvious (everyone needs middle relief help) and the not-so-clear. First of all, we need either Teahen to somehow learn to mash the ball, or we need to look elsewhere. If DeJesus is in center, his production is fine, but if you move him to one of the corners, the result is something short of desirable. We need a power bat. The Royals HR record is still 30. This is absolutely pathetic.

It has been suggested that the Royals will try to make a run at Andruw Jones, but that's just speculation brought on by the fact that Dayton Moore has already swiped every Braves player and Braves front-office member that he can get his paws on (not necessarily a bad thing, they did win like 10 straight division titles). What does help is that Andruw Jones left a lot to be desired, performance-wise, at the plate this year. This guy hit 50 homers two seasons ago. Many of the bigger teams' owners may have short-term memory loss in this case; Druw's gonna get PAID. If we can get into the mix, Jones's impact would be substantial; in this market with our pretty decent staff, he could be a 5-8 win player. No joke.

However, we will probably be forced to try to sign/deal for other cheaper options. The Indians' Franklin Gutierrez, the Ray's Rocco Baldelli and Jonny Gomes, and the D-Ray's Carlos Quentin are all gettable options (thanks for the excellent analysis on this, RoyalsReview).

Bottom line, it should be interesting. The Royals will be in the Andruw Jones mix; but we'll have to wait and see how much is too much for Glass and Co.

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