Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live (Kinda) Blog During Royals First Spring Training Game...

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The KC Royals are off to a red-hot start in 2009! Or not...

Top 1:
Missed it, but judging by the five-minute length of the half inning we went 3 up, 3 down.

Bot 1:
With a runner on 1st (a very good runner... Ian Kinsler), Mark Teahen in his first professional start at 2nd base threw the ball into left field that lead to six runs, including what sounded like a mammoth homer by Hank Blalock.

Some early notes:
Horacio Ramirez: Faced 10 batters and gave up 6 runs (maybe 2 unearned) while recording just 2 outs. Yeah, the Teahen error hurt, but HoRam flat out got shelled, which is not a good sign as the Royals' only potential lefty starter should be ahead of hitters this early in the year.

Mark Teahen: I'll cut him some slack, but an error and a high throw that nulled a double play are not the type of plays he can be making if he wants a starting spot on this club... is Orlando Hudson still available somehow? Hey Dodgers... we'll give you TPJ AND Willie Bloomquist... how can you pass that package up?

Top 2:

Billy Butler hits a bomb to the base of the scoreboard for the Royals first hit, run, rbi, and homer of the Spring season. Butler has, allegedly, reported to camp trimmed down and ready for action... nice start for Bill the Thrill!

Following an Alex Gordon walk (hopefully many, many more to come), Mark Teahen adds to his horrible start by rapping into a DP.

Bot 2:

Brandon Duckworth is not doing a very good job of picking up Ramirez... Back-to-back bombs given up to Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. The fun didn't end there, though, as Hank Blalock tripled off the wall in right-center, followed by yet ANOTHER error by Mark Teahen.


Rangers offense: Nothing new here, apparently the Rangers can flat out hit. Everyone up and down the lineup is pounding the ball... and it's only February 25th.

Top 3:

Man alive. So much for the hitters being behind the pitchers early in the Spring season!!! Miguel Olivo lead off the inning with a homer to center, and four batter later Mike Jacobs unloaded a 3-run dongarama that Steve Stewart described as being "way, WAY outta-here!"

Mike Jacobs' bomb came off of a lefty...

Bot 3:

Whew... finally a breather. Duckworth has a relatively harmless inning, giving up a couple of soft singles, but no damage done.

Game Notes:
Nothing really of note over the last 3 or so innings as the scrub squads have entered the game. I'll get back with a real post pretty soon.

Today's Lesson: Hot-air balloon rides can be liberating.

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