Friday, April 03, 2009

Food Revolution at the New K

(photo courtesy of the Kansas City Star)

This is a Ribeye steak you can apparently order at concession stands in the renovated Kauffman Stadium. Come next Friday, I'm going to freakin' destroy this thing.

Sometimes on our little blog here, we get distracted by what's happening on the field and don't really address the simple joys of going to a baseball game, eating, drinking beer, and hanging out with your friends. I think many of those things are what makes me so excited to be at the new K next weekend, just the mere possibility that improved amenities and enhanced feel of the stadium will improve the experience of watching baseball, simple as that.

And, I'm a big stadium food guy, so I'm pretty thrilled by the plethora of new food options. The previous incarnation of the K's menu was If you liked hot dogs, you'd be fine. If you wanted anything else, you'd be screwed.

Chop salads. Chicken sandwiches that aren't triple-deep-fat-fried in a bathtub sized fryer. These are welcome, welcome additions, while sticking to a loose idea of "ballpark" food and not going super subversive like a Seattle might (I once had sushi and saki sitting in the outfield of Safeco. It was weird).

But just look through this gallery! Tacos! Angus burgers! Pork Roast Sliders! Can I possibly eat all of this in one sitting? Maybe. Will I try? Yes.

I'll snap some pics at the K next weekend and put them up. Can't wait to ride that Slugger carousel right after Teahen hits two deep bombs.

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